"Artists can no more speak about their work, than plants can speak about horticulture." --Jean Cocteau

Being lucky enough to live outside of the city means that I have only to look outside of my front door for inspiration. I draw my subject matter from nature -- the abstract composition of the overlooked corner by the back step of decomposing and composted leaves punctuated with shoots of new vegetation. The belligerence of the pseudo feral house cat and the soft fuzzy blur of a fleeing rabbit are all divine inspiration to me.

My creative process typically begins with a photograph or the sight of something that triggers a memory and then I will make notes and sketches from there. I lay out a rough composition using references from photographs or sketches but once the basic idea begins to flesh I put away the reference material and let the intuitive process take over. I work mainly in mixed media because I enjoy the process and experimenting with different materials. Sometimes the way different mediums react to each other add a very interesting and fascinating extra element to the work that I am creating.